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Learning to be a boss at ageing with Anniki Sommerville

Anniki Sommerville is a published author, a podcaster and a coach empowering women and teaching them life doesn’t end at 40.

But she is also an infertility warrior.

Having started to try for a baby later in life, after years of IVF, acupuncture and loss, she eventually had her first daughter at 40, and her second a few years later.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Anniki a while ago and I am happy to share this interview with you.

You will discover an amazing woman, wife and mother of two young kids who’s not afraid to make fun of her own weaknesses and flaws, who accepts herself as she is and doesn’t beat herself up for things she cannot change. And this is a huge strength and quality!

I encourage you to follow Anniki on instagram at @ annikisommerville, and also listen to her podcast “How to be a boss at ageing"

You will find Anniki to be brutally honest, absolutely hilarious, refreshing and inspiring.

If I were to summarize the way her posts make me feel, I would say just that : they always make my day”