You have decided to take steps towards starting the family of your dreams.

You know you need help from a fertility specialist. 

Where should you start? 

Do you just opt for the clinic next door or is it important to invest ample time researching doctors, clinics, success rates, medical studies and medical trials?   

Does it make any difference? YES!

Finding THE fertility specialist can increase your chances of conceiving, reduce your fertility treatment time, and minimise stress during an emotionally drenching experience.

Last but not least, finding the fertility specialist that is right for you is going to help reduce your costs and avoid wasting precious time.

Choosing the RIGHT fertility clinic and doctor is probably the most important decision you will make on this journey. 

But having to pick the RIGHT specialist yourself can be stressful, frustrating, confusing and time consuming.


ENTER your Infertility Patient Advocate. That’s me!


I have done all of the work for you. I have spent countless hours researching clinics, interviewing doctors, analysing medical studies and trials. Continuously updating my education and certifications so that I am on top of all things fertility. I have taken all of the guess work away and removed all of the frustrations, insecurities, anxiety and eliminated wasting your precious time and energy. To ensure I find the absolute best suited clinic for your individualized needs all you need to do is answer a few basic questions below:

·       ​Do you have any known conditions, like endometriosis or PCOS? 

·       Have you been diagnosed with Diminished ovarian reserve, Low AMH and maybe High FSH?

·       Are you over 35?

·       Have you already dealt with miscarriages or failed IVF cycles?

·       Would you be willing to eventually consider DONOR EGGS or are you rather an exclusively OWN EGG type of patient?

·       Will your fertility specialist need to speak a language other than English?

·       Would you be willing to travel, in order to access the best clinic for your needs/reduce costs?

·       Are your fertility treatments covered by insurance or are you paying out of pocket?


I need all of the information above so I can understand where you stand and what your needs are. 

I will then research the best options for you, personally getting in touch with fertility clinics that I consider suitable for your situation, making sure they can deliver the best of approaches for you.


I am 100% independent and I do NOT receive any incentives or commissions from the clinics I am going to recommend to you.

All my recommendations will be based on how well the clinics in question match your individual needs.

I will provide a shortlist of  clinics that you can choose from, in a thorough presentation of pros and cons for each, including their services, prices, success rates 

Together we will take this most important step to select the best clinic to start your personalized fertility journey.