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Hi, I’m Oana, a Romanian born journalist living in France.
Ten years ago I was left widowed with two young kids, so one day I decided to turn my life around and start it all over again. And I moved to Paris.
A great decision, I daresay, since it led to me meeting the love of my life, an amazing man who embraced and adopted my children, loving them as his own.
Our first attempt of having a child together ended, unfortunately, with the loss of our baby boy at 16 weeks of pregnancy, due to incompetent cervix.
As if this wasn’t enough, I was diagnosed with unexplained secondary infertility one year later.
This is how my story in Infertility land began. A story with many chapters, 7 failed IVFs, 6 failed IUIs, many months of monthly failures, hormones, supplements, scans, tests...
Disbelief, heartache, frustration, hope, pain, tears: I have been there and done that.
I started educating myself in hope of being able to better understand what was going on about me. I was never one to grope around in the dark. I need to have some control and some perspective, or I feel lost.
I joined several infertility support communities and also started one myself.
And I understood how lonely infertility is, and how difficult it is to have people around us understand what we are going through, hence the need of support from fellow warriors experiencing the same struggles, grasping at the same straws. 
Getthegolden egg was born in hope of becoming a safe place to vent and share our little victories. A great resource of scientifically based information, free webinars with interesting guests, a list of fertility related products I recommend with all my heart for having tried and loved them, a forum where you can ask questions about what ails and puzzles you infertility wise. And more to come…
I tried to create the space I would have needed when I embarked on this journey. 
I wish I didn’t have to struggle that much, I wish I knew back then what I know now. Things would have certainly been much different.
I always felt everything in life happens for a reason.
And I truly believe that if my struggle and what has come out of it would have helped one single woman, than it wouldn’t have been all for nothing.
Welcome to Getthegoldenegg!