Hi, I’m Oana, your Patient Advocate and Fertility Coach.

A veteran journalist and communication expert,  I have been myself diagnosed with unexplained secondary infertility after a second trimester loss in 2014.

One surgery and one year later, when we were ready and medically cleared to try again, I decided time was not on my side, and maybe a fertility specialist could help me get pregnant faster.

I got my AMH tested, and it came back a crushing 0.2.

There was no one to tell me that despite this abysmal number, I did conceive a healthy baby barely a year before, and AMH levels don’t just drop on the push of a button making you infertile overnight. 

I wish someone told me AMH is irrelevant in natural conception and all women in their late forties having “oops” pregnancies most surely have ridiculously low AMH levels, because that’s how the female body works, as we age.

I wish someone told me to have my Vitamin D tested because it may severely impact AMH levels.

I wish someone told me IVF is not always the solution for all things infertility, that unexplained infertility exists, that egg quality decreases as we age but can be sustained and even improved by supplements.

So there I went down a rabbit’s hole, in a whirlwind of despair, an overwhelming amount of new information, fear, frustration, uncertainty, hope, and despair again.


I am a journalist so research is my big forte. I also hate to be told what to do, I never follow blindly, I need to know what is going on with me and my body.


Yes, I am a control freak.

But for once in my life, this flaw eventually turned out to be beneficial.


I started fertility treatments. I changed three REs and 4 clinics. I tried several protocols, some of them with terrible results, some with great results.

I started writing articles for specialty magazines, wanting to share my experiences with other women in my situation.


I started my own Facebook group dedicated to women over 40 having a hard time getting pregnant, or staying pregnant. 

I have made sure my advice was never medical, but rather the eye-opening unbiased advice of someone who has been there and has a clear view on a familiar situation. I have made sure to provide my fellow infertility warriors with scientific facts, under the form of medical studies and latest articles in order to be able to advocate for themselves in their interactions with their fertility clinics.

I have helped them see hope when they thought there was none. Or get real when all they needed to hear were sugar-coated predictions on outcomes that were very unlikely to occur.


In a nutshell, I am proud to say I have been empowering women for years now, and the reviews I received attest to this.

And if my journey hasn’t produced a positive outcome and I was left wondering what was the point of the struggle I have been through physically and mentally, now I know that it was not all in vain. 


Patient advocacy requires passion, ethics, empathy and sound knowledge of the medical process. You will find them all here !

My packages are carefully tailored according to specific needs, one on one customized support to people who seek the guidance throughout their infertility journey.

I always felt everything in life happens for a reason.

And I truly believe that if my struggle and what has come out of it would have helped one single woman, than it wouldn’t have been all for nothing.

Welcome to Getthegoldenegg!




The course explored the development, technology, and ethical and legal considerations of Non- Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT).



A course covering a number of key advances in fertility medicine as well as the societal challenges that these advances have engendered in the field of assisted fertility and genomics.